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Deep Dining at Nemo 33 in an Underwater Restaurant

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Have you ever wished you could be like a fish and eat under water? #Nemo33, the second deepest swimming pool in the world, has installed a pearl 5m (16ft) deep for you to do just that. The first permanent scuba diving underwater restaurant awaits you. The Pearl is a stunning white sphere or pod which accommodates 4 people comfortably with windows all around you to immerse yourself in this truly unique environment. Both divers and non divers can enjoy this "Deep Dining" experience with the finest food accompanied with champagne so that you can taste the bubbles, while admiring bubbles, from within one.

The fee includes a forty minute dive in this unique 33 meter deep pool with 33 degrees of water temperature, followed by an exquisite three course meal. When the time is ready, divers are helped to take their diving equipment off, before being gently guided into the opening of the Pearl. For the Apéritif guests are served a chilled high quality French champagne and water can also be added on request. Dinner is dived down to you by your waiter, in a 12kg weighted waterproof box, tightly sealed into individual “jar” like containers.

With your food delivered, the dining table is raised and a white linen tablecloth is draped over, with plates and cutlery provided to serve the food on. The fine dining experience begins with pate (foie gras), melba toast, onion marmalade, and salad, followed by lobster with wild rice and for dessert a healthy fruit salad. While, I am sure this sounds delicious, I simply can't do the taste justice by describing it. Maybe it was the surreal environment, maybe the absolute joy and awe in my childrens’ reactions, but it was very much the best lobster meal I have ever had. Looking out of the windows of the Pearl we watched a group of free-divers make their way up and down the 33 meter tank. The Pearl was comfortable, keeping us warm and dry in our own private underwater pod. We noticed a small tube above our heads supplying the pearl with a constant supply of fresh air. When we were ready, one-by-one we slid down and out of the pearl. Our waiter was in the water with our equipment and helped us strap everything back on, to then slowly make our way back to the surface. 

There are many amazing life-experiences out there, but if you are a diver, this is a must-do. This wasn’t on my bucket list because I didn’t know it was possible, but now that I have done it, I wrote it onto my bucket list and then immediately checked it off. I highly recommend you put it on yours now… and let me know how you found it in the comments of my video… Talk soon! Scuba4Families. See our video review on the following link:

Additional information: If you are a certified diver, the entrance fee is 99 Euros per person, while a combined diving initiation (e.g.a DSD) and the dining experience is 168 euros per person. Reservations have to be made 2 weeks in advance and you must allow 3 hours for the whole experience (1 hour for registration, 1 hour for diving and 1 hour for dining). Don’t forget your diving certificate, swimwear, and towel as well as a €0.50 coin for the individual cloakrooms. Follow this link to make a booking:

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