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About Me

I am European PADI open water instructor, an entrepreneur and a mother of two wonderful girls. I have faced every dilemma any parent faces, do I put those I treasure above all, at a potential risk? For me personally this has been the driving factor of my research, on how to best teach children to safely scuba dive. 

At our local dive club pool, I remember telling my very excited 10 and 12 year old daughters, to listen to their mother or else! Parental experience has taught me, the more encouragement and praise you give your children to do something the better they respond. As long as they have the respect for you as a teacher, as well as a parent, then they are ready to follow instructions. I will never forget the look in the eyes of both my girls when they took their first breath underwater. It was one of sheer surprise and instant joy of discovering that they could be like their H20 mermaids heros, which they adored. Coming from Europe, I wanted them to have a warm water dive, with good visibility for their first open sea experience. This is when I took to the internet in research on where to go and realised there was a lack of non bias information for families wanting to know where to take their children scuba diving.

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