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We Get to Dive with Mermaids and Mermen

Scuba4Families were honoured to be invited to Todi, in Belgium to interview The Mermates and the owners of TODI to discuss the upcoming International Merconvention 2019. Over the weekend of May11-12th up to 160 mer-people travelled from around the world to attend the convention, which hosted a variety of workshops from Underwater Posing to Tribal belly dancing. The Mermates are a collective of mermaids living in Belgium and France founded back in 2016. This pod is composed of six mermaids : Ariel, Celine, Evi, Lelie, Lexie & Naomi. Together they join forces to enchant the world with professional mermaid entertainment.

In Part one of our video, we experience a beautiful performance from the Mermates pod, and then asked those oh so important questions "What does it take to become a professional mermaid".

In Part two of our video, we actually get to dive and snorkel with the mermaids. Jasmine tries on a real silicon mermaid tail and gets advice from Celine a professional mermaid.

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