Dive Stickers for Logbooks

If you are like us, and love handwriting a log of what you saw after an exciting dive, then you too will delight in knowing that there are now dive stickers available on the market, of region specific marine life. We recently reviewed a dive pack containing 96 stickers of different fish, cephalopods, coral, crustaceans and many more species from the Mediterranean sea. It was sent to us by a company called Dive-Sticker.com who like us enjoy being able to record the different types of marine life that they have seen on a dive. The offer an arrange of different dive areas, like the Philippines, Malta, Indonesia, Hawaii all with high quality printed images, with English and Latin names per species.

Dive Stickers for your Logbook

We have made a video review so you can take a good look at these wonderful dive stickers.

Scuba4Families love the concept of being able to help your children remember each species of fish they have seen on a dive, so that they can further enjoy fish identification dives, and become knowledgeable of the oceans around them. Its both educational and fun for the whole family to use dive stickers and record all those wonderful marine life species that we see on a dive.

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